Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hermès, Fall 2009 Men's

A few weeks ago, I read a comment in the Globe and Mail business section that Hermes and Loro Piana are unlikely to be affected by the economic downturn because they have a loyal following of discerning customers who are willing to pay for the luxury. I was surprised that those brands enjoy such goodwill over all the others. Then again, both brands are known to obsess over the quality of their fabrics (Hermes with skins, and LP with cashmere) and to cater to old-money customers.

Yellow is always a risky colour. It's interesting that this is a fall/winter collection, yet it still makes liberal use of that much-maligned colour. I actually have two pairs of yellow pants. You are either with me or against me.

P.S. Do you think people ever show up to the Hermes kosher bakery in North York seeking a green ostrich skin purse?

-The Scandal

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