Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Details Magazine: Destination Toronto

Toronto was featured in the Style section of the May 2010 Details magazine. Unfortunately, I'm unable to post a PDF page from the magazine.

Anyways, the section profiles four men's shops in Toronto: Klaxon Howl, Sydney's, Nomad and Jonathan & Olivia. The profile also mentions the Black Hoof bistro and the Gladstone hotel.

Both Nomad and Sydney are among the nicely designed mens' boutiques in the city, especially Sydney's mounted collection of vintage tailor shears. Sydney Mamane is behind Sydney's and I met him several years ago after reading about him in Toro magazine (for selling custom-made jeans). If you like sleek, minimialist clothing (think Raf Simons)-- and even if you don't--  check out his boutique.

Nomad is also interesting, although they would probably be better known if their location was more pedestrian friendly.

-The Scandal