Friday, January 30, 2009

Best Online Shopping Fashion Websites

A lot of people are still reluctant to shop for clothes online. As for me, I've been doing it for years, with mostly positive results.

In case you're curious but hesitant here are some tips:

-choose a site with a good return policy, just in case you're dissatisfied with the product
-before you select an item, ensure that the website provides several high resolution pictures of the item from different angles
-it's always helpful if you have some idea of the fit of item, perhaps from previous experience with the brand (for example you may know that Prada shoes fit you very well)
-ensure the site ships to Canada (Although, if a site ships to the U.S., such as, I'll often have it shipped to family or friends that live in the U.S.)
Having said that here is my feedback from my experiences from a variety of sites:
Hands down my favorite site for the following reasons:
 -they feature an amazing range of haute couture brands that simply aren't available in anywhere in Canada.
-the site allows you to zoom-in in high resolution on all the items so you can really get a sense of what the item looks like up close (including women's thongs and bras ;-)
-the shipping process is quick and smooth. They also have a good return policy, pretty good prices and great sales towards the end of the season
I used to use this site quite a bit. I've had some bad experiences--mostly with counterfeit items from Asia, so I haven't used it for a while. I've also had some customs issues with some items. 
The upshot is that buying on e-bay is always a bit of a risk. Never spend more than you'd be prepared to lose in a worst-case scenario.
I've never used this site, but they do seem to have quite a bit of labels such as Gucci and Prada. I just never really liked the items I've seen for sale. Also, the prices seem to be a bit high. If I'm going to take a risk and buy something online, it better be at a significant discount to make it worthwhile.
I just discovered this site. It appears to carry a lot of high end clothing.
-The Scandal

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  1. hey just found your blog post and wondered if you've ever heard of this little shop: ... some friends of mine run it and i love it, cool stuff and not one of the big guys which just makes it kinda more, well, boutique :-)