Monday, January 26, 2009

Fall 2009 Men's Galliano

From the man who brought you pirate-chic.....

The Galliano collection was very theatrical and downright weird, as it usually is. The pics above aren't really representative of the show-- I just didn't feel like posting a pic of a male model in red garters and a topcoat. Despite Galliano's over-the-top theatrics, I actually think he is a really a talented designer (whereas I wouldn't say the same about a lot of the other weirdos that are the darlings of the fashion press). You have understand his shows are just as much about entertainment as they are about practical displays of the wares.

I see his stuff for sale more and more in smaller boutiques. I think his trade-mark newsprint underwear is also becoming increasingly popular, and maybe being purposely marketed to the masses. While relatively few people can afford a $1,200 pair of pants, a lot more can splurge for a 90$ pair of underwear.

-The Scandal

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