Saturday, February 28, 2009

Worst of New York, Fall 2009

1. Not sure what to make of this Duckie Browne ensemble other than think of Marvin the Martian.

(Duckie Browne, Fall 2009)

2. This slickster reminded me of Tommy Lee Jones' dreadful performance as "Two-Face" in Batman (except that Two-Face actually had one normal half to his suit).

(Lbertine, Fall 2009)

3. The next time your office holds an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party....

...Thom Browne offers at least two very viable options:

(Thom Browne, Fall 2009)

4. Question- The model below is missing:
(a) a sense of dignity
(b) protection for his fingers
(c) a kick in the head

Wrong! the answer is (d)-- a Pink umbrella!
(Libertine, Fall 2009)

5. For anyone concerned that the one-piece jumpsuit had gone extinct....

...Thom Browne has revived it. The hat is a nice touch too:

(Thom Browne, Fall 2009)

6. Some disturbing arithmetic




(Nice Collective, Fall 2009)
-The Scandal

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