Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ralph Lauren Fall 2009

As you may already know, I really like Ralph Lauren, hence all the pictures in this posting.

I think that of all the designers, RL puts together the best colour combinations. I also really love the way he layers some of the outfits. One of the novel things that I like about his recent collections (including this one) is his use of vintage cardigans. I never really go into the revival of the Richie Cunningham cardigan. It always smacked of geek-chic to me, which I always equated with "ironic" dressing.

Another interesting feature of the show is the varying sizes of the lapels, including some really wide lapels, which are also currently favoured by Tom Ford (think Roger Moore partying at the Playboy mansion in 1976). I take it that the different styles reflect the Black and Purple labels (though I wasn't able to tell from the show which outfit was which label).

I often say (ok, not that often) that these days a man can get away with wearing a range of suit styles from the skinny Mad Men suits to the wide lapelled you see in this show.
-The Scandal

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