Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mind games, Head Wear

While I was recently browsing through the latest John "I love Hitler" Galliano show, I was struck by some of the tall, rounded and feathered hats that some of the models were wearing.

I'm afraid I'll have to admit that (after a bit of web research) I'm still not quite sure what this hat style is called. Maybe it's some form of modified Quaker hat. Whenever I see it, I am reminded of the hat worn by the great American poet Walt Whitman.

I was drawn to the hats in the Galliano show not only because I thought they were striking, but also because I had recently been admiring John Lennon's getup in his "Mind Games" video.

 In the posthumously created video, Lennon walks around New York City, especially Central Park, and engages in what appears to be authentic and affectionate interaction with  his fans.  The clip portrays Lennon in a rather charming light, which only makes his senseless murder all the more tragic.

But let's get back to the clothes. Lennon, so legendary in almost every other facet, is definitely underrated as a style icon. Lennon's style in this video perfectly expresses his artistic and political persona. The dark coat and turtleneck assign him the maturity that he was starting to assume in his post-hippie days, and his trade-mark rounded sunglasses give him a bit of rockstar glamour. But what really makes the outfit is his feathered hat, which gives him a fantastic bohemian flair. 

There are other bohemian icons who have worn a hat in a similar manner. Bob Dylan and Johnny Depp come to mind (although Depp is wearing a wide-brimmed fedora, just in a somewhat conventional manner).

I suppose if you want to be the voice of your generation (as poet, singer or actor), you will probably need an impressive piece of headwear.

-The Scandal

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