Monday, June 27, 2011

Worst looks of Milan/Paris Spring/Summer 2012

1. Yohji Yamamoto

Apparently, the latest Japanese fashion craze is to take a Mick Fleetwood lookalike

and put him in a skirt and a skin tight t-shirt:

2. Junya Watanabe

The only improvements that country hick Cletus from "The Simpsons" needed to be runway-ready was some Geddy Lee hair and a fishing hat.

3.  Rick Owens

Q: Where does this model come from?

A: From the planet Talus IV (cue Star Trek theme song).

Maybe Rick is buds with Captain Pike?

4.  Jill Sander

No woman can resist a man with greasy hair, pale legs and navel-high Bermuda shorts.

5. John Galliano

Disturbing arithmetic:

Angus Young from AC/DC



Simon from The Chipmunks


6. Ann Demeulemeester

Forget  not wearing white after labour day or matching your belt with your shoes; The one cardinal men's fashion rule: never show your nipples!

7.  Yohji Yamamoto

One tragic symptom of Alzheimer's is that the patient may be confused and put on his wife's clothes.

8. Commes des Garcons

These guys look a bit, umm, crabby.

9.  Yohji Yamamoto

"If you like my collar, then you're gonna love this guy's collar!"

10. Rick Owens

How do you convince a model to walk down the runway wearing something ridiculous?
 Blindfold him.

11. Moncler Gamme Bleu

If you want to be the biggest badass in to the locker room, you know you're gonna need to sport a jockstrap with a Prince of Wales pattern.

12. Thom Browne

Only a true genius such as Thom Browne can take inspiration from everyday items such as string curtains and lamp shades

and create sensible and wearable outfits for the modern man such as these masterpieces:

                                         All images from, copyright Conde Nast

-The Scandal

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