Saturday, July 16, 2011

Accost Lacoste

I really can't wrap my head around this Lacoste  advertising campaign:

If Lacoste is going for some kind of avant-garde look, it's terribly misguided, especially since as far as I know the slick tuxedo is not a Lacoste product. I've actually sometimes seen guys slip a t-shirt over over a long-sleeve sweater or shirt thinking that the reversal of layers is in some way stylish simply because it's unconventional. It just looks asinine to me.

Upon further reflection, maybe the image is supposed to convey the message that a man wearing a Lacoste polo shirt will feel just as  luxurious and formal as he would wearing a tuxedo. By analogy, we've seen car ads that imply that the family sedan is really a race car in disguise.   If this is the case, the ad makes a bit more sense, but it seems to me that an ad's message should be more immediate and intuitive.
Only a fashion blogger would waste time pondering and deconstructing the deeper meaning.

-The Scandal

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