Monday, July 25, 2011

2 pieces, 2 thoughts

After my last posting on men's swimwear, I was asked to do a posting on women's swimwear.  Mariya and I generally keep a church-state separation of men's and women's fashion. That is, I stick to menswear (with a few exceptions), and she, womenswear. The reason for this is pretty simple: I don't now much about women's clothing. But I guess today is another exception, so, bottom line (pun intended), I'll share some quick thoughts:

Non-matching bikini

I've made my position on matching clear, but I should have carved out an exception for bikinis.

When I see a girl wearing a bikini top that does not match her bottom,  it looks like she either lost half of it under the bed, or that she decided to spontaneously  strip down to her bra and panties and jump in the pool.  And while I'm all in favour of a girl deciding to act on such a whim,  she should probably keep a (matching) bathing suit in her purse should she feel such an urge.

Seriously,  a non-matching bikini looks like underwear, not swimwear.  Just like a pair of socks, if you've lost one half, you should probably only use the other half to wash the car.

One-piece suits 

Unikinis or monokinis, or whatever silly word you want to use to refer to these bathing suits, look great on the runway.

 The problem is that in real life, the fabric "bridge" in the mid-section gets displaced and all puckered up. That's why figure skating outfits that appear to show skin are actually covered with see-through nylon.

-The Scandal

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  1. the one piece swim suit no i dnot agree with it makes ones's body look funny