Monday, May 11, 2009

Balmain shoulder pads

The Scandal does not normally comment on fashion matters female. That is the domain of my fellow StyleMountie, Fashion Constable Mariya.

I have however been behooved to comment on those Balmain jackets that seem to be causing such a buzz. For some reason, I could not keep my eye off the shoulders. There was something very intriguing about them, and I wanted to figure out exactly what it was-- and I think that I have.

The Balmain shoulder pads are very different from the women's shoulder pads of the 1980's.
The pads back then were broader and gave women a huskier affect.
Of course, broad shoulders signal muscle, power and aggression. Military and sport uniforms exploit this effect.

The Balmain shoulder pads however are sloping and more slender, resembling the shoulders of a delicate and skinny woman.

Do you see what I mean? I think this illusion is apparent, and potentially genius.

We therefore have an interesting contrast: That is, the shoulder pads of the 1980's were designed to make women look masculine and feel more powerful whereas the current Balmain shoulder pads are designed to make women look (and feel?) more petite, delicate and vulnerable.

-The Scandal

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