Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carlton Brown, LG Fashion Week Toronto

I attended the Fall 2009 Carlton Brown fashion show in Toronto as part of LG Fashion Week.

CB is a fresh-on-the-scene Jamaican fashion designer. It was one of the few lines at the LG Fashion Week to include a men's collection (Bustle is the other).

There were some aspects in the show which I liked (see video below):

-suave Rat Pack tuxedo look (0:15; 1:07)

-pink belt detailing (2:10)

However there were also some other elements that I couldn't relate to:

-leisure suit lapels (0:26; 2:03)

- print patterns on dress pants. (0:58) I can't relate to patterns on dress shirts, pants or suit jackets

- "arm slings" (0:41)

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