Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tweezers: The Good and the Bad

Over the past two years, I have been noticing a trend on the runways; more specifically, on models. This fall season in particular, it has become all too apparent that thicker brows are back in style. Magazines and style sites have been promoting the darker and thicker brow to all fashionistas. I say: Finally! It's about time!!! My worst pet peeve when it comes to beauty has always been over-plucked brows. It actually sometimes saddens me to see how some girls literally butcher their brows to thin little lines that they pencil in (yuck). Even worse, permanently tattooed brows have become all too trendy for those who plucked everything out. 

My brow obsession originated in my high school art class when I had a project due on drawing different eyes. As I began to draw and analyze what makes the eyes and the face symmetrical, I slowly realized that the brow had a big part to play in "framing" the face. As a result, I decided to compile a few examples as to why I think brows play such an important role and somehow are considered the most unessential part of the face.

In my opinion, aside from contouring the face, eyebrows that look natural and untouched give an appearance of freshness and youth. 

In a Vogue interview, Natalia Vadianova credited her grandmother for keeping her from plucking her eyebrows when she was a teenager. As a result, many agents loved her unique look - especially her brows.

I mean, seriously, can we picture Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon with thin little brows? No, I didn't think so either.

I am not saying that brows should not be plucked at all. It is very important to groom them; but one should always know the limit or else............. might end up looking like these clowns.

As for the males reading this post, just pluck out the uni brow BUT (and I mean it) don't try to give your brows an arch or a contour unless you are in the running to be on a Jersey Shore episode. You have no business devoting too much attention to that area on your face. Unless you want to resemble "Jake" down here.

- Marichka

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  1. The first girl is hot. i like the oompaloompa jersey shore shmuck. i think the threaded brow looks good with ORANGE skin.
    strange that in his part of the world, all the girls in Willy wonka's factory think he's sexay