Friday, September 9, 2011

Best Dressed City in Canada?

Guess which Canadian was named Best Dressed by the September 2011 edition of GQ?

*drum roll*


That's gotta smart to many Montrealers who undoubtedly consider their city to be the most stylish and best dressed. Some Montrealers still cling to this dated stereotype that Hogtown is still a  dull, whistle-while-you-work WASP-y city with little to offer other than a job at CIBC.

Montreal has historically, unquestionably been the style Capital of Canada, but times have changed. Toronto long ago surpassed Canada as the centre of finance and commerce, but it's only been in the last 20 years that Toronto has begun to surpass Toronto in artistic and cultural output and in particular, the world of style and design. Just witness the popularity of the Toronto International Film Festival, the construction of landmark public buildings (such as the ROM and opera house), the ascendancy of Toronto-based fashion designers, etc.

As an aside, the article recommends several Toronto clothing shops and restaurants which were obviously taken from an earlier travel article on Toronto from it's sister Conde Nast publication (which I also reported on).

-The a

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