Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Most Definitely Not Born That Way

K, I really don't know anything about women's makeup or other beauty techniques. I can really only speak from a guy's common sense perspective.

As we all know, one cannot sift through the news without stumbling on some headline on Lady Gag Lady Gaga (and I do hate to add to the pile of stuff about her).

The latest headline: Lady Gaga in a photoshoot without makeup!

"Boy, this is gonna be juicy!", I thought.

The photo shoot depicts LGG looking more beautiful than ever.

Who knew that beneath her theatrical makeup, LGG actually had the features of a Nordic beauty?

Obviously, this is nonsense; Here are some images I googled of the Lady without makeup.

To be fair, these images are also deceptively atrocious, and I don't mean to pick on Gaga. I suspect that her her "true" appearance probably lies somewhere in the middle. However, I find the promise of a makeup-less photo shoot to be completely deceiving when the photographer uses other photographic technical wizardry to make the subject appear more beautiful than she is.

There is no point in shamelessly promoting a no-makeup photo shoot, only to enhance the photo through other techniques (such as unnatural poses, creative lighting, and airbrushing).  The entire premise of a no-makeup shoot is to allow the viewer to get a more realistic perception of what the subject would look like in her natural condition. Sadly, this seems to be part of an unfortunate current trend within the publishing world.

Thou hast betrayed me for the last time, Judas.

-The Scandal

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