Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Ever hate a piece of clothing so much that you just wanted to blast the thing to death with a shotgun? The truth is that for years designers have been shooting at clothes, except they have been using this as marketing gimmick to give their clothes the  ultimate distressed look. In fact, there is even a patent for a method to distress a garment by shotgun.

The Canadian label Dutch Blonde (not to be confused with Von Dutch) offers simple but handsome men's t-shirts that have apparently been shot at with real bullets.

 In fact, the t-shirt includes the actual (I assume) empty shell casing that was used  to blast the garment.

My legions of fashion loving NRA members will correctly note  that the casing is a .308 Winchester.  I would've thought that the birdshot pattern of puncture holes could only have been made by a shotgun shell. Maybe some of my readers can illuminate me whether a .308 shell is capable of producing the scattershot pattern seen on the shirt.

The shirt itself  fits quite nicely and I find the birdshot  pattern to be rather interesting, although the retail price of $125 (CAD) is a bit steep. As for the brand itself, it seems that (based on their website) Dutch Blonde focuses mainly on women's clothing, most of it having little to do with bullet holes.

-The Scandal

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