Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snipes snippet

Wesley Snipes has been in the news recently because he's going to jail for refusing to pay his taxes. I recently stumbled upon a picture of him wearing a dress shirt with a really interesting and unique collar. I have never seen anything quite like it. 

I have no doubt that the shirt is tailor-made. In my opinion, unless you have particular measurements such that you cannot buy off-the-rack, the only rationale to get a tailor-made shirt is to create something you can't buy in stores; And Snipes' shirt is a perfect example.

I'm all of in favour of personalizing a tailor-made shirt with quirky but subtle details, but I find that men of a certain generation have had a tendency to garnish their shirts with over-the-top details (such as garish racing stripes on the collar). However, what I like about Snipes' collar is that it has a very interesting geometric look to it, yet is not gaudy.

If you like the collar, you'll likely to have see a tailor. My man Marlon Durrant is one such tailor who can definitely pull it off.

-The Scandal

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  1. I guess you grew up in awe of Don Cherry's tailoring too ?

    Question : can your man Marlon do tailor-made jail stripes ?