Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michael Bastian, Spring/Summer 2010

Another cool collection by Michael Bastian, who really seems to be coming into his own; The look offers a little bit of Ralph Lauren preppiness and little bit of the DSquared rocker look (and of course, so much more. One of the things I like about Bastian is the boldness of his collections. There is none of the preciousness that you see in a lot of the other current fashion designers (e.g., Lanvin).

Some interesting highlights of this collection:

-the ankle-high length of the pants, though to me, this seems to have more in common with high-end Milan than it does Thom Browne ;

-quirky pastel colours (which seem to be popular in other NY shows such as Loden Dager and Victor Glemaud);

-frayed shorts (not shown because I didn't approve);

-The Scandal

Photos: Marcio Madeira, all images

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