Thursday, September 17, 2009

LG Fashionweek, October 19-24

The Toronto LG fashion week is scheduled for October 19-24.

What I just realised is that the venue has changed.

Think that's bad? Wait 'til you find out the location of the new venue: 1040 King St. Do you know where that is? Nor do I. That's why the fashion week website has resorted to publishing a freakin map for the place.

According to their website "The new layout, comprised of tents and permanent structure, will add the opportunity and ability to create new spaces for new events at LG Fashion Week."

I think the decision to re-locate the venue outside the downtown core is terribly misguided. As far as I was concerned, the city hall location worked very well. You couldn't get any more central than city hall, which made the location pretty darn convenient. Plus there was some element of cachet, not to mention good pedestrian visibility. Furthemore, the complex itself (the "tent") worked really well.

That's my rant for the day.

-The Scandal


  1. Agreed. It's already a failure at featuring Canadian design to an international audience.
    Making it less accessible will indoubtedly increase our invisibilty.

  2. I disagree, there are some great designers grouping together for some great causes. Haux Couture and The Stephen Lewis foundation have partnered to bring Dare to Wear Love. It's raising money for HIV/AIDS affected families and is part of the foundation's A Dare to Remember