Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prada Spring/Summer 2010

Meh, I've always thought Miuccia Prada to be of the most overrated designers (at least with respect to the men's collection). I've never really cared for the label, with the exception of the shoes and briefcases.

Most of the men's shows are very forgetful with the exception of a few wierd gimmicks that are the designer's transparent attempt to scream "I am an artist".

Recent gimmicks include:

-"double collars"

-some wierd triangular/loin cloth/cumberbund

This season was forgetful, as usual. Anemic models wearing grey.

I did kinda enjoy the two-buttoned double-breasted blazer. The double-breasted blazer certainly seems to be making a comeback this season in Milan.

I also particularly like the sleek look that a two-button double-breasted jacket presents. The very first time I saw it was in *Valentino show in 2006. I liked it so much, that I had my tailor make me two suits with the pattern before the Valentino collection was in stores :)

*Valentino, two button, double-breasted suit from 2006:

-The Scandal

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