Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sibling Men's RTW Spring 2013

Fortunately, this year, thanks to the great coverage from, I've been able to peruse all the men's stuff coming out of London fashion week.

This collection from Sibling epitomises one of my long-standing pet peeves regarding fashion designers' perceived need to come with up with shtick at their fashion shows, such as the ridiculous masks in this show.

To me, it often signifies that the designer is unable to come up with either a creative or unifiying theme for his collection. Thus, he resorts to dressing it up with such odd non sequitur elements as wigs, theatrical makeup, masks or other nonsense.

Wigs at a Gaultier show a few years back

Flower acne at Christopher Shannon, S/S 2013

I recall attending a Ed Hardy swimsuit runway show, where the models were dressed up wearing tuques or scarves. Scarves and tuques with bathing suits? How logical! How precious! As if an Ed Hardy bathing suit could be redeemed by a scarf...

Anyways, back to this collection; I found the masks to be distracting which is a shame, since some of the pieces were quite striking, especially the hooded knit sweater.

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