Friday, February 17, 2012

Style Lesson 3000

99% of commercials are annoying. 100% of men's shaving commercials are very annoying. That said, this new Gillette commercial featuring Andre 3000, the annoying Adrien Brody and some other guy, did contain some entertainment value, namely in watching Andre 3000 show just how stylish he is.

As for the other guys, well, Brody looks like a living cartoon character with his slanted eyebrows, pointy nose, and Guy Fawkes beard.

The third dude (who I didn't even care to google) just looks slimy, and I highly doubt that  anyone is really intimidated by his shadow boxing. Andre totally outclasses these guys.

The interesting thing about style is its intangible element. Contrary to what a stylist might have you believe, there is no formula.  Take Andre in the commercial; Is that a men's polo shirt he's wearing underneath a blazer? That's usually the most old-farty, uncool thing you could possibly wear-- and I wish dads across the world would stop wearing them underneath their blazers.

Yet somehow somehow Andre 300 totally makes it work. Ditto for his moth-eaten straw hat. Somehow the pocket puff, the well tailored blazer (worn with sleeves rolled to reveal its crimson lining) and the beaded bracelets combine for a very groovy look.

There is no book, magazine or blog that could ever teach you that.

-The Scandal

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