Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trash the 'stache

So Canada's answer to JFK Jr.-- in other words, an undeserving and unaccomplished scion of political royalty-- Justin Trudeau (son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau) has been in the news recently.
Justin hurled a "shi*" bomb towards a fellow parliamentary member, during one of the the notoriously unruly parliamentary sessions. 

This blog couldn't care less about his remark or the insincere apology that followed. I was more alarmed by his appearance.

Yeah, I'm nonplussed about his sloppy attempt at a Windsor tieknot but I really to discuss his, ummm, beard?
The only way anyone should be wearing facial hair like that is if they have the rapier sword and loose-fitting blouse to match or if they really, really like Captain Morgan rum.

Why do some men grow silly facial hair? I suspect it arises out of boredom of one's appearance, which leads to an  understandable desire to infuse it with some form of personal, aesthetic self-expression, however small. Not everyone is simply content with getting up and going to work every damn day and looking like every other drone.

That part, I get; I just think a better expressive outlet would be through one's clothing. After all, clothes do more than simply keep us warm and cover our naked bodies.

The problem is that many men don't have the wherewithal to change up their wardrobe, so they resort to offbeat facial hair or simply growing their hair. Women have it easier. They have a myriad  of ways to shake things up: new nails, new hair colour, new hair style and so on. For a guy, the options are a lot more limited, especially if he lacks imagination with his wardrobe.

-The Scandal

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