Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't slouch it

I've previously posted about my annoyance with slouchy hats. Sadly, they don't seem to be going away any time soon, whether they be worn by tween, Bieber-wannabes or older gents.

Perhaps the most annoying trend of this overly affected accessory is for it to be combined with formal wear such as a sports jacket or suit. Here is a recent photo of Jude Law sporting the look:

Of course, he's also grown the mandatory lumberjack beard to complete his carefully crafted bohemian image.

The attempted broadcasted message: "I am one part classy, dapper gentleman, and one part down-home earthy bloke, at one with the Occupy Movement".

During the last decade, some men would often dress down a suit with running shoes, and I could live with that. But I'm sorry--the only hat that can be worn with a suit is a fedora.

Let me codify this into the following fashion rule:

With a suit/blazer/sport jacket, no slouchy hats.

No baseball hats (unless it's draft day).

No Cowboy hats.

Newsboy caps are sometimes OK.

Lastly, if you wear a blazer, slouchy hat AND a scarf indoors, you truly are an overly affected tool. *Sorry*

-The Scandal

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