Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worst of Milan/Paris Fall/Winter 2012

1. Yohji Yamamoto

Whatever happened to that old bald guy from Benny Hill?

 It looks like he got a job modelling oversized rags for Yohji Yamamoto.

And Dom DeLuise?

He was there too.

2. Givenchi 

Hey look! It's Skeletor! And his clothes are pretty awful.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier 

A man with a garter, even if he is carrying a gun...

...reminds me of Dr. Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Truly Horrific.

4. John Galliano

Is that supposed to be Spanx for men?

No spanx; especially if you're wearing a used condom on your head.

5.  Junya Watanabe

More lookalikes: This guy reminds me of Conan O'brien with a mustache. I'm not sure what's worse-- the suit or the mustache.

7. Rick Owens

This guy reminded me of toilet paper roll.

His buddy looked equally absurd:

8. Adam Kimmel

I don't wanna know how this guy got his hairy palms.

By the way, this was one of the worst collections I have ever seen.  At least some of the really wacky shows, such as Thom Browne, provoke thought, or have some elusive artistic merit.  But this was just awful and uninteresting.

9.   Thom Browne

TB gives me T.B.

10. Prada

Aside from the shoes, I wish more people were aware of the silliness of the better part of the Prada menswear collection.  Some lowlights:

-Shiny Green unhappy people?

-Worst golf shirt ever?

-Charlie Brown-inspired 70's polyester sweats?

-The Scandal

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