Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top 10 Worst of Milan/Paris Men's 2011 Spring/Summer

1. Agnes B

Here's an idea for a stupid look: Take uber-douche, Kid Rock

and add Fred Flinstone's tie

and put it together:


2. Commes des garcons

Are those aliens? skulls? Does it really matter when these guys are wearing freakin' dresses?

3.  Givenchy

More disturbing arithmetic:



4. Thom Browne
I'm glad somebody peed on their heads:

5.  Rick Owens

Inspired by  a windsock?

6. Rick Owens

Waders as fashion inspiration?

These monstrosities should be cast back in the sea (Zing!)

7. Jean-Paul Gauthier

More troubling arithmetic:




8. Yves St. Laurent

Who wears short shorts?

I wear short shorts, and I tuck em high,  "mom jeans" style

9. Prada

I was hoping I would never see anything like this again:

but alas:

10. Raf Simons

Cue circus music....

Dishonourable mentions:

A. John Galliano

The mustache says Chaplin AND Hitler at the same time

B. Commes des Garcons

or as I call the brand, "Commes des idiots"

C. Alexander McQueen 

D. Etro

Looks like someone spirographed all over that suit and shirt

E. Givenchy

Leopard prints Elizabethan tights and tunics? If the question is to be or not to be, I wish this is never to be.

F. Rick Owens

Female priests and now...male nuns?

Also, if you're gonna wear a wet suit, make sure it isn't two sizes too big.

G. Raf Simons

Please tell me he's wearing underwear underneath his kilt...

-The Scandal

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