Monday, July 5, 2010

Chastity and Hijab Festival

In Iran today, a set of hair styles that have been been officially sanctioned by the Guidance (Ershad) Ministry.

The styles  were unveiled at the office of the Chastity and Hijab Festival. The unveiling was apparently in anticipation of Iran's national Hijab and Virtue Day, be observed on July 11.

Now granted I have never been to the the Chastity and Hijab Festival, but I for one, don't think that this mandated hairstyle policy is such a bad thing. How many times have you seen a hairstyle which you felt should have been illegal? In Iran, you can now actually get that person arrested for sporting an illegal hairstyle (and hopefully tortured if it was really bad).

p.s. they say there are no gays in Iran? What's up with these two hairstylists?

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  1. i wish we had hijab and chastity fests here!! But what about the mullet? That's a guaranteed chastity belt.