Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toronto fashion week: Mexican standoff

So I was pretty pumped last week to attend Toronto Fashion Week. In addition to the evenings, I was able to sneak away from work during the day a few times in order to check out the day scene. During my first day there, this guy approaches me, identifies himself as a style blogger and asks to take my picture for his blog, which also apparently features street fashion. Flattered, I graciously comply.

The following afternoon, same thing happens with Blogger no. 2. Oddly enough, as I'm talking to street Blogger no.2, a new blogger, Blogger no.3 also asks to take my picture for another blog.

Now the point recounting these anecdotes of this isn't to communicate how fabulous I am--that will be the subject of 12 separate posts ;-) It just dawned on me that these days you can't throw a stone in this city without shattering the lens of a style blogger. All these bloggers bloggin about about other bloggers. It's a bloody Mexican standoff.

When I originally conceived of this blog, I thought that I too might post street fashions pics. I'm glad I never pursued this angle: I'm not much of photographer, and there's just no need for another blogger like me to post pics.

One final note: while it's flattering to have my pictures taken by style bloggers, I've always ended up regretting the photos. The photographers typically only get one shot, and that's simply not enough shots in order to find a flattering shot for a guy like me. I always end up looking like I fell off the ugly tree (and hit every branch on the way down).

-The Scandal

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