Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 5 Worst Designer Names

We here at Stylemounties get down to the bottom of the pressing style issues of the day. That's why this post is dedicated to the all important question of designer names in fashion.

Let's face it-- we associate Italy with high fashion, and  labels named "Dolce and Gabbana", "Valentino" and "Salvatore Ferragamo" just roll off the tongue so nicely, and instantly convey those positive associations. The same can be said with France and names such as "Jean Paul Gaultier", "Lucien Pellat Filet" and "Lanvin". Oh, and I do want my shirts to be English, especially if they've got great British names such as "Gieves and Hawkes" and "Hilditch and Key".

But there are a lot of stinkers out there and I'm about to name them.

5. Iceberg

When I think of an iceberg, I think of the "Titanic" that crashed into one. And when you consider that this label was once known for its Disney logos, I guess it has all the hallmarks of a shipwreck.

4.Stuart Weitzman

Great name for a tax lawyer, accountant or gastroenterologist; terrible name for a shoe designer

3. Dsquared2

Though they're not everybody's favourite label, there is no denying that this brand is a force in Milan-based fashion. Considering the relative prestige of this label, it's a shame that Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten came up with such a gimmicky name that is a clear homage to their first names. The twins were actually born as "Catenacci", and rather I like the ring of that.

2. Acne

I don't care if Acne means "sexy", "epic" or "awesome" in Swedish (where the brand originates), because acne vulgaris  has a pretty negative connotation to billions of English speaking people.

I also don't care how the cool the clothes are-- I really can never get over the name on the label.

There's a reason why "Hermes" chose its name over "Herpes"

1. Duckie Brown 

I always thought this label was a bit of a train wreck.

However, I do think that they have a decent collaboration with Florsheim that has produced some interesting shoes.

But I just can't stand that name "Duckie Brown". There is no rhyme or reason for the "Duckie" and it just really irritates me.

-The Scandal

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