Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anatomy of da new Clubbing Shirt

A tailor made shirt from a reputable tailor is definitely a worthwhile indulgence for any man. Not only should the shirt fit you much better than anything you can buy off the rack, but you can also specify certain subtle detailings that  you also can't otherwise buy in a store.

One pitfall of custom shirts is that men often get too caught up in these extra features so that the shirt ends up looking like a gaudy, tacky mess.

Such details include double collars, extra buttons, epaulettes, gratuitous button holes, coloured stitching, non-matching patterns on the underside of the cuff and collar, just to name a few. Any one (or two) of these features alone might make the shirt more interesting if done in a subtle manner, but once you start piling up all the bells and whistles, the shirt begins to look a bit ridiculous.

In recent years, some brands, such as Armed Rebellion and Au Noir have begun manufacturing shirts with these extra finishings.

As you can see, these shirts are very, very loud. In fact, for many of them, I can't even see the shirt through all the extra buttons, stitching, flaps and patterns.

Expect to see one at a nightclub near you.

-The Scandal

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