Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DSquared - Spring/Summer 2011

Overview: Dean and Dan will give Tom Ford a run for his money with these retro-inspired , uber-dashing looks. Though the collection looks great, I have the strange feeling that I've seen these looks before (80's-style tie bars from Gucci and Ralph Lauren, preppy suit/tie ensembles from Michael Bastian, and flared hems from YSL Rice gauche). Well, if they've borrowed, they've done so from the right people and the results are very, very good.

p.s. DSquared's trade-mark i-just-shat-my-pants low hanging jeans were replaced at the other extreme with high waisted "mom-jeans".

Rating: ***

Highlights: retro 70's 80's silouhettes

Lowlights: Mom jeans

-The Scandal

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