Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dsquared² Fall/Winter 2010 Men's

Ah, who better than Stylemounties to dissect a show dealing with fashion AND hockey?
OK, aside from Sean Avery?

You'd think the NHL would applaud  a fashion homage to hockey, right? Wrong! All models were covered with blood spatter stains, and twin designers Dean and Dan Caten  came out at the end of the show  with blood spattered hospital gowns .  Hardly the image the League wishes to portray.

I'm not sure whether the blood has more to do with Jason from "Friday the 13th" than it does the NHL...

The hockey shtick may not have been the most surprising aspect of the show.  The brand seemed to take a step in a new direction with slim-fitting clothes in black and white monotones. Dsquared² known for "Abercrombie chic" looked more like Dior (black/white) and Rick Owens (Mad Max gear)


-The Scandal

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