Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sole man: Bettanin & Venturi

I know that lust is one of the 7 deadly sins. I also know that women are famously guilty of this sin when it comes to shoes. I have to come clean myself: there is a particular shoe brand that I lust after, Bettanin & Venturi. 

Not surprisingly, the brand comes from a small workshop in Italy. B & V is best known for their very distinctive welt, known as the "Norvegese", which is the cooler-sounding  Italian word for  "Norwegian".

I am guessing that the Norvegese welt is based upon some boot-style associated with Norway.

The appearance of the welt is so striking by virtue of the thick lace stitching and the fact that the sole juts out by at least a half inch. You are absolutely guaranteed to get noticed if you wear these badboys. 

The company does offer other styles of shoes (and welts), but they are primarily known for the Norvegese. 

Some of the styles are more subdued and classic. I like these styles the best, since there is no need to overdo it, given the striking appearance of the welt. 

The craftsmanship on the soles is amazing. That's something you just won't see with "Made in China".

There also a lot shoes dyed with unconventional colours. 

The company  manufactures a lot of custom-made pieces that are so downright tacky and gaudy that even your neighborhood pimp would blush.  

But to me, that is the quintessential nature of  grandiose Italian style, namely, beauty straddling ostentatiousness (just think  Lamborghini). You just have to find the right balance. 

I have seen the shoes for sale in Toronto at V Hazelton (in the Yorkville district). I also routinely see them being sold at Barney's in New York.  According to the company's website , they are available in Montreal at Maison 1455.  They're not cheap--they start at around $1,500 USD.

-The Scandal


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